Dead Congregation - Graves of the Archangels CD


At this production, the band, to achieve the sharp anti-Christianity style that they try to produce via the band's image (lyrics, cover, interviews) , they twist the meaning of orthodox psalms and prayers (performed in Greek) and use them with the opposite meaning from their original one. 

The whole result gives the impression that the songs were written to accompany the psalms or the other way around. Something which, of course, is not true at all (in fact, A.V. has stated that the general thought is creating instrumental songs and then adding the lyrics) and we well attribute to the band's songwriting talent and the ability to sound both familiar and at the same time unique.

All in all, Dead Congregation easily achieve what many of the today's death metal bands lack, which is creating atmosphere and feeling. The thick darkness that they present in this full- length is achieved by slow guitar riffs and to-the-point drumming (close to the Covenant by Morbid Angel) that really subjugates the listeners. My poor opinion is that, together with Portal, Mitochondrion and Ulcerate, Dead Congregation form the death metal elite of our time simply by using traditional materials they create something fresh, progressive, personal, and unique.