Dark Funeral - Dark Funeral MC


In February 2020 Hammerheart Records will re-issue the legendary self-titled debut by Dark Funeral on Music-Cassette.

This is a limited editon of 100 copies only available here.

A True Black Metal classic re-issued on vinyl in its original sound and artwork!

Dark Funeral is often looked with scorn and derision by the black metal community. This is mostly due to the fact that this band, during the years, has achieved a certain level of fame in the “mainstream” metal community, showing a thin glaze of “marketing” and “commercial approach” around their music. However, we are not going to criticize the band for this...

Something that few people do know is that Dark Funeral was originally a side-project created by the Necrophobic guitarist/mastermind David Parland (aka Blackmoon), together with Lord Ahriman, because he wasn’t completely satisfied with the blackened death metal style of his main band, and wanted to unleash a new kind of dark, nocturnal fury with a 100% black metal project. Actually, Necrophobic’s “The Nocturnal Silence” was a very fine album, but what David had in mind at that time was something even darker. Dark Funeral’s debut EP came out in 1994, and the Swedish scene was finally shocked by Blackmoon’s unique musical vision.

We need to say that, when Blackmoon and Themgoroth were in the band, Dark Funeral was a radically different entity: while, nowadays, their style consists in constant blast beats and furious riffs, their early material is constantly permeated by a gelid, nocturnal vibe, and offers a slightly more atmospheric approach. On Necrophobic’s debut, Blackmoon’s melodic style was yet in an embryonic style: here, for the first time, the majesty of his melodies can be heard in all its power and strength. Genius is often hidden in simplicity and cohesion, rather than hyper-complex structures and hyper-constructions, and Blackmoon demonstrates it on this EP, leaving a strong footprint in the realm of extreme music.

These four songs, engineered and produced by the almighty Dan Swanö, placed Dark Funeral on the map of the growing Swedish black metal scene, even though they actually began to reach real fame only since 1996, with the release of their first proper album “The Secrets of the Black Arts”. To the die-hard Black Metal community this Dark Funeral release is their best and it actually is a masterpiece of an EP, which contains a short but excellent selection of their earlier material.

A mandatory release for those into old school Scandinavian Black Metal acts such as : Marduk, Dissection, Necrophobic, Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone.