Chapel Of Disease - The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art CD


 "The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art" is an absolutely fantastic and fascinating album. It's one of those records, which do not let you walk away, but demands your focus and attention to every sound and details it brings. And it's a fascinating and very impressive take on the old school death metal, as along the traditional characteristics of the genre, Chapel of Disease was not afraid to come up with some other influences as well, which come from either thrash and even heavy metal, what in the end gives a spectacular, slightly progressive death metal \album. I think that in some aspects "The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art" reminds me what bands such as Tribulation or Horrendous started doing on their second albums. They're all quite different stylistically, of course, but definitely they share the passion for creating something original in the old school death metal niche, with unique song structures, arrangements, riffs, as well as need for bringing some astonishing harmonies that make their music so memorable and impressive at the same time. Brutality or aggression has secondary role here, it's more important to create the dark atmosphere. As such, I think that "The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art" is an absolute success.