Cannibal Corpse - Vile CD


After spending years listening to this band, I was naturally apprehensive about Cannibal Corpse continuing with a new vocalist. When I hit the play button I was immediately smashed into a state of shocked ecstasy with the opening of 'Devoured by Vermin'. Four tom hits, a ferocious scream and the gorefest was in full swing. The band had never sounded tighter, leaner, or meaner previous to this release. The guitars had a new razor sharp sound to compliment Fisher's razor sharp vocal sound. Each track on this album keeps you listening, some of the high points being the brooding 'Monolith' or the very picturesque 'Bloodlands'. Even the instrumental Relentless Beating is way cool, actually making the listener feel like they are being beaten relentlessly, as the riffs spiral upward into a frenzy. Too bad future CC releases can't be as on the mark as this one. Why did I give it a 100 with so many other releases out there more complex or melodic? Because this one came first, and there is not a damn moment I don't love on it.