Candlemass - Tales Of Creation 2-CD


There is so many good things to mention on this album that everytime I try to name just one of those things my tongue feels like it is dropping off. I'll try my best not to make that happen again!

The main focus in this album is Messiah Marcolin. The operatic doom metal icon who sings every phrase with 100% passion and adds vibrato anywhere he can, which is something everyone doesn't like and many people love. The way how Messiah joined this band is something that many singers don't have the courage to do. He phoned members of Candlemass several times and didn't get the chance to audition. So, he moved to the town where the band was located and told how things were done from now on and the next thing you know, he is the lead singer of Candlemass. The group loved his style and had no other choice than to make him the singer.