Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus LP (red vinyl)


1986 was one of the biggest years for heavy metal with many major releases such as Metallica's Master of Puppets and Slayer's Reign in Blood. These are albums that are recognised by every metal fan in the world whether they like them or not. While Candlemass' debut album isn't as well known as the aforementioned albums, it is no doubt it made a contribution to heavy metal as great as them for being one of the major influences in doom metal.

Epicus Doomicus Metallicus is a doom metal album that's dark, depressive, powerful, dynamic, heavy and of course, epic! These descriptions together makes this one hell of an album. All six tracks on this album are fantastic. They all stick out equally well and there are absolutely no fillers in sight. This is a challenge for any artist writing an album but Candlemass knew how many songs this album needed and gave each one their own characteristics while keeping their style intact all the way through. Six may not be a lot but it doesn't feel like there's a song or two missing in this album at all..