Burzum - Det Som Engang Var CD


Burzum is arguably the most important band to come out of the infamous second-wave of black metal in Norway. After releasing his debut full-length self-titled album the year prior as well as the infamous "Aske" EP earlier in the year, Varg Vikernes released his second offering "Det som engang var" in 1993. His self-titled debut as well as the "Aske" EP are both extremely great albums and, without a doubt, two of the most essential albums to listen to for any black metal fanatic. However, with this album, Varg treads even further into a darker, more ambient-injected sound. He has not reached the pinnacle sound of "Hvis lyset tar oss" yet at this point but this is a great precursor to that album. Hell, even the intro track from "Hvis lyset tar oss" takes its name from the title of this album!