Burzum - Fallen LP (Black vinyl)


As we all know, Burzum mastermind Varg Vikernes was arrested in 1994 for the arson of several churches in Norway, as well as the murder of once associate and guitarist, Euronymous. He was sentenced to the maximum penalty of 21 years, however, was released in 2009 after serving almost 16 years of his sentence. Under the Burzum name, Varg released his first studio album in ten years, "Belus". This was a return to the harsh black metal sound of old, and after only a year or so, Burzum came back with "Fallen" in 2011. Musically, this album is fairly similar to "Belus", yet its production is far more refined and the structure is a bit different. This is Burzum's most well-produced release to my ears and in my opinion, is the best album he has released since "Filosofem".