Brutally Deceased - Satanic Corpse CD


Not exactly an expected location, Czech Republic death metallers Brutally Deceased has continued to forego more traditional sounds of their home country for a straight-up Swedish-influenced assault that’s been their trademark starting in 2007 when they formed.
From the outset here this one is straightforward and utterly unrepentant Swedish-influenced death metal that takes it’s cues straight from the heart of Stockholm with it’s deep swirling buzzsaw grooves and churning riff-work. With these efforts likewise graced by more mid-tempo efforts that take those same stylish rhythms into several rather solid and enjoyable mid-tempo efforts that plod along with some more mid-tempo elements that slow it down and really let the grooves breathe which is all part of the traditional and usual elements found in the style. 

Though it gives itself a rather familiar and overly-stock charge that makes for a rather unoriginal effort, it’s got that ever-present and still enjoyable groove to it that easily makes this a solid-if-unremarkable choice for ardent Swedeath fanatics only while those who prefer more variety and originality should look to other practitioners first before inquiring here.