Borknagar - Origin LP (Black vinyl)


And, once again, Borknagar surprises all taking a totally different approach on a release. The same band which started with a Viking/Black Metal sound and that started going towards a more Progressive sound, now shows us another face. Be warned, this is completely different from anything they've done before, as this album is completely acoustic.

The title "Origin" may refer to their people origin or something like that, because surely it has nothing to do with the bands origin, it has nothing to do with their debut. But, though I can't explain it, the title fits the album really well, this is all about feelling. This release is much more calm tham any of their previous ones, though you can sense some touches from songs like "Inherit the Earth" and "The View of Everlast" (both from "Empiricism"). Most songs are slow paced and have a simple background, I'd say the best feature on this album is Vintersorg's vocals (and his great versatility) in which most songs are based. Asgeir's drums fits the album really well, but do not expect those crazy things he did in "Empiricism", they are here more as a part of the rest, not standing out as it did sometimes (especially on the previous two albums).