Bölzer - Lese Majesty Digi-CD


Released on the bands own LIGHTNING & SONS label !!!

Switzerland’s pagan black and death metal duo Bölzer were one of the most fascinating surprises in the world of extreme metal, and also one of the most astounding as they were able to catch metalhead’s worldwide attention with just a couple of EP’s with no more than 2 to 3 songs, as well as impressing with their unique style of extreme metal wherein the Swiss duo managed to create a relentless and oddly melodious brand of blackened death metal with nothing but a ten string guitar, dry and echoing death growls and drums. However then came their divisive and controversial debut album “Hero” where the band in an attempt to continue expanding their music in tandem with their lyrical topics and concepts, mixed their brand of blackened death metal with sludge metal akin to bands like Mastodon and Baroness which rubbed many metalheads and enthusiasts of the band’s early music the wrong way, which lead to the band to only release a single song for a split and focus primarily on touring, until now.

All in all, Bölzer have proven that they can still make compellingly aggressive and provocative music but at the end of the day, this EP is a clear teaser of things to come for the band and for a band as well-known as Bölzer, who have proven to being able to do much more, it falls a bit short but nevertheless it’s a promise of things to come, and the hope that for their next album they’ll finally nail the sound they want to create.