Bloodbath - Grand Morbid Funeral CD


Like many I was slightly apprehensive about the choice of Nick Holmes as the vocalist on Bloodbath's new album. And when I heard the first track that was released "Unite In Pain" I thought it was a little average. However the rest of the album was much better and I can safely say that Nick Holmes was a good choice.

First let us address the main cause for speculation with this release, which were the vocals of Nick Holmes. He brings a dark, old school sound to this album that we haven’t heard for a long time, which is a great contrast to the usual low gutturals that we are used to hearing in death metal. His vocal tone is higher in pitch and very gritty, he literally sounds like death in this album. The highlights in terms of his vocal work were the tracks “Famine Of God’s Word” and “Grand Morbid Funeral”.

The actual music on this album was excellent as it normally is with a Bloodbath album; the guitar tone is not like the “Resurrection Through Carnage” album, which sounded like a chain saw stuck in treacle with some gravel thrown into the mix (fucking amazing). The tone on this release is much more metallic and suits the rest of the music very well. In my opinion all aspects of the music have been mastered by the band which is great as it’s their final album. My favourite songs would have to be “Anne” and “Let The Stillborn Come To Me”, they are all round just great songs. But my absolute favourite is “Beyond Cremation” which has one of the heaviest riffs I’ve ever heard; you cannot help but smash your head through the table when you get to it.

So in closing I was very impressed with “Grand Morbid Funeral”. Nick Holmes brings and refreshing but old school sound and the musicianship was the best of any of their albums (and the rest are damn good). I would go as far as to say this was my favourite album of 2014.