Bloodbath - Bloodbath Over Bloodstock 2-LP (Black vinyl)


This looks set to be the last Bloodbath release with Mikael Akerfeldt on it. I was at Bloodstock for this show and i honestly can't remember his vocals being as bad as they are on this DVD. Opeth played that weekend too and he sounded fine then as well. This live show has a great setlist but Mikael's vocals sound really bad. No power, almost like a bad cough instead of a cavernous growl.

This is further emphasised by the bonus features of 5 songs from Party.San a couple of years before, where the vocals are powerful and booming. The other bonus feature is a documentary which isn't bad but hardly mind blowing. So you've got a full show, a small selection of songs from a better show and a documentary. Glad i didn't pay a lot for this DVD to be honest.

The song selection is excellent. They cover the full range of their discography including the 2 EPs. Highlights being 'Soul Evisceration', 'Breeding Death', 'Cancer of the Soul', 'Mock the Cross', 'Like Fire' and of course the finale of 'Eaten'. Despite my criticisms of Akerfeldt's vocals, at least he has no problem performing the songs originally recorded with Peter Tagtgren on vocals. Anders Nystrom delivers some excellent backing growls here, particularly on 'Eaten'. Maybe he should do vocals full time!