Bloodbath - Ressurection CD


Harkening back to the glory days of Swedish Death Metal, before the concept of death metal from Sweden was obscured by the over abundance of melodic death, Bloodbath really grabs the styles of early Entombed, Grave, Dismember, and Carnage. First off, Bloodbath is not original, but that is not their goal. They are trying to recapture the raw energy of early Swedish Death Metal, and they really do it. “Resurrection Through Carnage” really strikes me as a cross between Into the Grave era Grave and Carnage’s Dark Recollections. 
I occasionally like to joke about how Bloodbath has released the best Grave album in years. Even though they really do have a serious Grave edge to it the song writing on this album supercedes anything the aforementioned has released in years. The riffs are simple, i.e. memorable, the bass lines though not stand out are right where they need to be for this style, the drumming isn’t technical by any means, but much like the bass lines seems to fit in as it should, and the vocals are extremely guttural yet clear enough to understand.