Blood - Impulse To Destroy 3-LP (Black vinyl)


30th anniversary edition
Limited to 500 copies. Housed in a 6-panel gatefold jacket with metallic red embossing on the front cover. Includes a 20-page, 12x12" booklet and a woven patch.

• LP 1:Impulse to Destroy originalalbum
• LP 2: unreleased, remastered roughmix from Impulse to Destroy with the songs from the Recognize Yourself EP
• LP 3: Rarities - 30 unreleased bonus tracks

It’s amazing how some bands or albums are often overlooked by the masses when discussing grindcore. Lust like Unseen Terror or S.O.B., the German boys Blood are often forgotten a bit too easily. Yet in the late eighties and early nineties they were a household name in the European scene with Agathocles and, of course, the legendary Swiss Fear Of God.