Blood Feast - Kill For Pleasure LP (Ultra Clear vinyl)


Blood Feast's Kill for Pleasure is without a doubt a very aggressive and chaotic record that never fails to satisfy the listener. I've played it countless times without ever growing bored of frequent exposure.

The most obvious appeal on this record is the speed of the songs, and the sheer intensity of the riffing in combination with pounding drums. It never falls short on a single song, as they all possess a similar thrash attack sound with insane vocal delivery. Furthermore, the title of the record alone is what adds to the madness in that killing for pleasure is substantially different than killing another person out of self defense. Killing for pleasure is insane and that's exactly what the band accomplished on their sound, total insanity meant for thrash metal fanatics.

There's a significant difference between bands that have a more thrash metal infused death metal sound and bands that simply play death metal or thrash metal. A good example of this could be recognized with the American death metal band Possessed, in that they started out as a death metal band on Seven Churches, and then evolved into more of a death / thrash metal band on Beyond the Gates. With Blood Feast, however, they're more thrash metal than anything. They're certainly a form of thrash metal that goes beyond in terms of vocals, in league with bands such as Exodus without as much commercial acclaim.