Black Oath - To Below And Beyond Digi-CD


There's something so satisfying about seeing a band you have followed for years finally blossom with their full potential, and while I may have only hopped on the Black Oath train with their 2010 Portraits Of The Dead 7” rather than their self-titled demo the year before, that is certainly a feeling I get when listening to this album. The Third Aeon was a solid piece of work, but this sophmore effort is an absolute Doom genre masterpiece, just a fraction behind the might of this year's Solstice return and the perfection of the new Procession- and what's more is how they've achieved this with the most no frills of approaches. Italian Doom bands might be more known for their very intense and richly layered approach to songs (see this year's Abysmal Grief for one of the most downright sexy examples of this ever heard) but Black Oath wrap the bare bones of Doom with only the sparsest amount of finest velvet, and this album is all the better for it.