Black Curse - Endless Wound Digi-CD


The combination of death metal's disgusting distortion, black metal's furious pace, and doom metal's crushing weight, all come together in an unholy trinity and form something singular in its focus, and unrelenting in its approach.
"Endless Wound" blazes a new trail within blackened death metal using just the right balance of calamity, grit, and technical prowess to produce something all their own. This "supergroup" of members of Blood Incantation, Primitive Man, Spectral Voice, and Khemmis has a lot of experience under their belt and a wealth of influences to draw from making for a very enthusiastic collaboration. Each and every track is filled to the brim with memorable riffs, wild tempo/genre changes, and eclectic vocal barks I have not been so impressed with since the first time my ears were assaulted by Charlie Fell himself. Even for being a very classic orientated death metal record, this album is expertly produced with every instrument sounding tangible and punchy, a present low end bass adding body and weight, and wholly obscured by a smoky amount of haze and distortion.

While I agree with the sentiment that this record is very similar to other blackened death metal bands, especially Teitanblood, the presentation and songwriting are what truly elevate this record to a higher tier and makes it original. The band somehow have also found a way to make such extreme metal far more catchy and accessible than I ever would've thought possible. I don't remember the last time I found myself listening all the way through a metal record the first time I played it and then immediately went back to the first track again once finished. This is mostly due to the short-and-sweet runtime, head banging rhythms, and breaks in the action coming in the form of low and slow doom trudges.

Fans of blackened death metal will have a grand old time being burnt to a crisp by this record and you will find the rhythms and riffs within stuck in your head for weeks on end.