Benediction - The Grand Leveller LP (Black vinyl)


Crushing death metal from the UK, Benediction play a death metal remnant of classic Autopsy and Bolt Thrower. They released their debut in 1990 titled, “Subconscious Terror and would quickly release their follow up a year later titled; “The Grand Leveler”.

The sound on “The Grand Leveler” showcases the epitome of what OSDM was all about at the time: one dimensional, gruff vocals with thick and catchy riffs played over a hefty dose of pounding drums. The song writing and structures of the songs here allow for the OSDM elements to be showcased adequately, while also providing the proper medium to display some of the band’s more technical traits as well. The album is steeped in a dissonant and hazy sound, one that gives off an almost underground feeling to the music. However, this is a byproduct of the excellent production, which creates such a gritty atmosphere all the while, giving each musician their fair share of the limelight.