Benediction - Subconscious Terror LP (Orange vinyl)


It was the Anno Domini 1990, and Barney Greenway was still in Benediction, Napalm Death were still playing 1st class Grindcore (although I prefer 'Harmony Corruption'), and England was the home of the old school riff attacks and pounding, dark and creepy Death Metal, and Bolt thrower, hehe. It just happened that Benediction released their first Full Lenght in 1990, with Barney Greenway, who later on moved to his full time position in Napalm Death. It happened to be Benediction's groundbreaking release, lead by the due of Darren Brookes and Peter Rewinski. That was the good ol' time of Death Metal,...times change.

Today this release doesn't seem that much groundbreaking, but back then, most people did go off to this one, and heads were banged and mosh pits were fought in. And the intros still sounded spookey, and not perverse, like nowadays. From the intro, over the title and second track, which actually don't catch my total attention, to the song which makes you fucking grind - "Grizzled Finale"; some people might know this song from the 'Death Is Just the Beginning" sampler, released by Nuclear Blast 8if I'm correct). The song simply kicks ass. Dark, groovey and low-tuned riffs are making this song a real goer. Especially Barney's vocals, being a trademark for bear-like growls (fucking maniac).