Behemoth - Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) LP (White vinyl)


In essence, this sounds like a pretty typical second wave black metal album, complete with Norwegian influences and acoustic and folk attributes. While this may sound positive, which it is, the album also suffers from several weak spots. After a pretty good opening in "Chant of the Eastern Lands" (it wasn’t great, wasn’t terrible), the album introduces The Touch of Nya, a rather mediocre and forgettable acoustic segment. The album resumes black metal on the tracks From the Pagan Wastelands and Hidden in the Fog, but again falls into a rut of mediocre and out of place acoustic segments- this time called Ancient. My only guess would be is Behemoth is making some attempt at establishing atmosphere, but fails at doing so. However, the acoustic track Hell Dwells in Ice resurrects the band's attempt at furthering their atmosphere. The track is very moody with Nergal speaking in the background, and is overall a satisfying song. Lastly comes Transylvanian Forest, probably my favorite song off the album, a song that is raw to the core, with punk sounding drums and catchy guitar.