Behemoth - Grom LP (Grey vinyl)


This album sets itself apart in many ways. The pure atmosphere of the music is perhaps the most striking thing. Listening to this I am captivated from beginning to end, put into a land of darkness, endless forests and pagan spirits. The guitar has the high trebble fuzz sound of Burzum's Filosofem and Darkthrone's "A Blaze in the Northern Sky," while the drums blast and pound away like Mayhem's Hellhammer. The riffs themselves are very Mayhem-ish (unsurprisingly on the "Chaotica" 2 disc set, there is a bonus cover song of Mayhem's "Freezing Moon"), they have a melodic edge, and also a very aggressive feeling. Nergal's vocals are now in between his current death metal sound and the early high pitched Burzum screams. At times, like on "Rising Proudly Towards the Sky" his vocals are very obviously a homage to Attila. And since I like Attila's vocals, I find that Nergal's use of that sound works very well.