Bathory - Hammerheart CD


“Hammerheart” – it is for sure one of the most influential albums in the history of the metal music; one, which brought something completely new to it – a concept based on the Scandinavian mythology of the Vikings… Already “Blood Fire Death” had started it, but it was on “Hammerheart”, where Quorthon has fully based his work on the Norse legacy, with every song telling the story about it. And when you listen to “Hammerheart” you can truly feel that with every second of the album – with the atmosphere of the music, with the lyrics… It is a great experience, when you listen to “Hammerheart” and at the same read the texts, so you can feel the whole atmosphere… And when looking at the front artwork, it is like “oh yeah, amazing!” – it is an old painting titled “The Funeral of a Viking” done by an English artist Francis Dicksee; absolutely amazing piece of work, very detailed and perfect, dramatic painting…