Baphomet - The Dead Shall Inherit LP (Black vinyl)


Continuing on the path to the most overlooked bands in metal, now it’s time for a band from Buffalo, United States. By the beginning of the 90s, the U.S.A. were like a Mecca for the lovers of the new born death metal, that was evolving with bands like Death and Possessed to grow in morbidity and violence, till reaching something extremely gore and suffered. It’s also the case of these Baphomet that conceived this LP during the finest hour for the genre.

The influences are very audible: Napalm Death in “Harmony Corruption” for the sounds and the grind restarts and Autopsy for the sick air we can breathe. The opening, “The Suffering” contains some mid paced riffs with fast bass drum under and sudden blast beats with some stop and go. The open chords parts and the fast double kick reminded me also early Master. It’s good to notice some more groovy riffs during the mid tempo, so perfect to make the sound more various.