Aura Noir - Aura Noire LP (Black vinyl)


Aura Noire is probably not going to be anyone's favorite Aura Noir album, but it does enough to sate that hunger after waiting for a new album for six years. Sure, it's a little slower and more towards the middle of road, tempo-wise, for most of the album, but that just means tracks like the fiery “The Obscuration” sound even angrier and more lethal (which also leave me longing for more of that old fire). Even with this being a run of the mill, workmanlike offering from Aura Noir, it still sounds better than most of the schlock sticking to bottom of the porcelain in the black/thrash scene of late. Aura Noire is a dark and pummeling offering that scene fans should find as soon as possible, but just don't expect Black Thrash Attack II.