Ashbury - Endless Skies LP (Neon Green vinyl)


It’s such a bittersweet feeling when you discover an obscure album from a forgotten band. On the one hand, it’s sweet because there’s something out there that has been flying under the radar for a long time and you finally found it, which often creates an emotional bond. But it’s bitter because someone talented enough to create really good music didn’t manage to reach a wider audience due to a number of reasons.

Ashbury’s debut is exactly that case of an album where it should have been much more popular because its musical content is too good to go unnoticed. Searching for the reasons why this album is so obscure is probably a futile exercise but to begin with, it was released during the wrong era. The beginning of the ‘80s and more specifically 1983 was a year for NWOBHM and thrash metal not a hard rock album with progressive tendencies.