As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise LP (Opaque Dark Red/Black Marble vinyl)


Limited edition of 300 copies world wide

If you do not like metalcore, you will not like this album. You can stop reading this review now and go pick up some Last Days of Humanity or Burzum or whatever it is you listen to. I'm totally fine with that and I'm sure As I Lay Dying is as well.

 It doesn't need to be Fleshgod Apocalypse meets Origin or Stormlord meets Summoning or Mors Principium Est meets Scar Symmetry. It simply needs to be As I Lay Dying. The lyrics are incredible, powerful, poetic, and deep. The album's theme is also incredibly deep. The album's true strength lives in its deep theme. 

 This album requires a lot of listening to for it to really grow on you, but once it does, you won't be sorry.