ARMORED SAINT - Symbol Of Salvation LP (Black Vinyl)
Armored Saint

ARMORED SAINT - Symbol Of Salvation LP (Black Vinyl)

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Symbol of Salvation was the band’s riskiest album put out to date. Not because it had their most complex material, but because of original guitarist Dave Pritchard tragically passing away from leukemia, but the show had to go on. Blood, sweat, tears were poured into this album, and the result would be this diamond gem, a masterpiece, a Picasso painting. This is one of my all-time favorite metal albums, and if any, one of the best heavy metal albums around. Ever. It’s so good, you could probably cure cancer with this thing. Hell, it inspired me to create a character for a comic based on John Bush because of this album...oh, I’m getting carried away.

Point is, Symbol of Salvation brings and utilizes much of what made the rest of the Saint’s albums so fresh and unique. Crushing riffs and solos, check. Different and uniquely sounding songs, check. Hard beating drums, check. Bass that’s enough to break glass, check. John Bush’s sultry voice giving orgasms to every living human female in existence? Check, but minus the orgasm part. In all seriousness, Symbol of Salvation has a diverse amount of songs that really make the album stand out from the rest of the crowd, or if any, get squeezed into the likes of Metallica’s Black Album in terms of differing songs.