Aphonic Threnody - When Death Comes CD


Labeled as a doom collective featuring members of bands like Gallow God or Arcana Coelestia, the international funeral doom project Aphonic Threnody have released the debut album “When Death Comes”, via Doomentia Records, becoming the element that has been missing in their discography that includes two splits and one EP.

Let’s start talking about the band’s trademark that’s easily understood in their slow pace: that pace is complemented by the drums that don’t get only limited to mark the song’s tempo, but they can also fill the tracks with details produced by some timid drumming rolls and by a nice work around the cymbals.

The most attentive listeners of this doom sub-genre may find some similarities among various vocalists and they won’t be mistaken, because the deep growls are delivered by Arcana Coelestia’s Roberto M – and everything gets more emotional when the painful vocals unite with the guitar’s sense of defeat.