Aosoth - V The Inside Scriptures LP (Black vinyl)


Black metal comes in many forms. Sometimes, it is primitive and visceral. Sometimes, it is atmospheric and bleak. Sometimes, it is heartfelt and tortured. And sometimes, it is cold and crushing. From the first tone of guitar, you can sort of tell what Aosoth’s fifth full-length album will be like. I am not familiar with the band’s earlier works, but the very first riff grabbed me by a body part only I usually touch. This album resembles a massive fortress that invites you in and shuts the door right behind you.

Perhaps less chaotic than their French peers Deathspell Omega, Aosoth prefer to focus on being heavy, and barrage listeners with dozens of relentless tremolo riffs. The guitar sound here is absolutely perfect for their dense sound. BST’s strings conjure a huge, buzzing, impenetrable wall of sound. However, no matter how huge and dissonant the guitars sound, the riffs remain clearly defined, never turning into a suffocating mess.