Angist - Circle Of Suffering LP (Grey vinyl)


Heavy 180 gram vinyl, grey coloured!

Icelanding metal! Brutal music! Angist is one of the most promising Icelandic death metal acts to emerge in recent years. They have an atmospheric and old school aesthetic in their writing which brings to mind 90’s influences as broad as Immolation, Morbid Angel, old Suffocation, and even Human-era Death (what with all the textured, melodic tremolo picking they use as a main ingredient). While we think it would be a mistake to dub the band ‘black metal’ in any strict sense of the genre, I feel like you also get a mild taste of that inspiration in spots throughout this LP. The biggest boon to “Circle of Suffering” is how it threads its resonant atmosphere over the bedrock of thrusted tremolo riffs and bludgeoning, dark grooves. The actual riffs themselves are strong, even if some of the pattters were heard before.