ANCIENT - Eerily Howling Winds 2-LP (Black Vinyl)
ANCIENT - Eerily Howling Winds 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

ANCIENT - Eerily Howling Winds 2-LP (Black Vinyl)

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Released on standard black vinyl in 220gsm carton double sided inner sleeves housed in a gatefold sleeve, printed full-color on 350gsm w-w carton with 5mm spine.

Tracks A1-B3: Recorded at Verftet Lydstudio, Bergen, July – October 1993.
Track B4: Recorded by Aphazel October 1992.
Tracks C1 & C2: Recorded at Hindu Lyd, Bergen February 1994. These are early versions (alternative guitar solo on Huldradans for instance) and mixes of the tracks, which later appeared on the Svartalvheim album in December 1994. These recordings, appeared in these raw versions on the Det Glemte Riket 7”, released April 1994.
Tracks D1 & D2: Recorded at the Warlust Studios, November 1994. These are pre-production versions of the tracks which appeared on the Trolltaar mini album in 1995.

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