Amorphis ‎- Tales From The Thousand Lakes CD


The second album from Amorphis is a considerable expansion of their epic and melodic style. At this point, the band's sound is no longer death metal in a true sense. Tales From the Thousand Lakes finds Amorphis incorporating Finnish folk music, a full-time keyboard player, ‘clean’ vocal parts, and progressive rock influences into a style of metal better described as atmospheric and melodic folk-influenced doom/death metal, with the growled vocals of Tomi Koivusaari remaining the only real link to death metal. Musically, there is very little association with death metal, as Amorphis have approached the album’s concept from a wider perspective of expression which works to provide the music with an aesthetic distinction and direct expression as a result of acute conceptual communication. Previous work from this band, particularly in terms of melody and dramatic composition, slightly hinted at the potential realized here, which has blossomed into a richer, more wide-ranging style that allows a broader exploration of themes.