Amorphis ‎- Privilege of Evil LP (Black vinyl)


"Privilege of Evil"... I sort of like that idea. Evil is not a right, but a cherished privilege. Incidently, I think Amorphis had their Evil licenses revoked before their second full length.

But let us not think of that at the moment, for on this EP lies what is surely some of the greatest and darkest death metal that it has been my particular evil privilege to hear. Though clearly Scandinavian in origin, this is quite a far cry from the syncopated drunken bounciness of "Left Hand Path" et al. Evidently, Satan granted Amorphis the power to perfectly transcribe the sound of darkness into simple guitar melodies on the condition that all of their music must suck after the first album. It was probably worth the deal. With no disrespect intended to the crushing tremolo riffing, the best parts of the album are the slower, doomier segments, where the lead guitar sings its terrifying tales over a backdrop of low pitched chords. Check the song "Misery Path" to see what I mean.