Amon Amarth - Jomsviking LP (Black vinyl)


When a particular niche of storytelling sums up the entire career of a band, it's often only a matter of time before the story will absorb an entire album, if it hasn't been doing so from the very beginning. The topic of Vikings naturally has a rich history with metal music in general, though the marriage of it with a death metal sound came about a bit later, and was popularized largely thanks to the efforts of Unleashed and their better known melodic Swedish counterparts Amon Amarth. Nevertheless, while the entirety of Amon Amarth's albums has been steeped in Viking history and lore, it has not been until the current year with the release of Jomsviking that a story dedicated to them has spanned an entire conceptual opus. If anything, this band has gotten into the concept album craze extremely late, and a close inspection of the resulting body of music reveals a band that is continuing its very slow evolution where consistency is the rule, and all development having been relegated to the periphery.