Amon Amarth - The Crusher LP (Black vinyl)


Ah, the impetuousness of youth … In a past review I rather prematurely stated that Once Sent From the Golden Hall was Amon Amarth’s best album, but listening to both the band’s debut and their third full-length release numerous times has since led me to the conclusion that the often overlooked and somewhat underrated The Crusher is in fact just as good as the lauded debut, maybe even a tiny bit better. What I generally like about Amon Amarth’s older albums is that the band was far less predictable in those days: whereas nowadays they almost exclusively write slower material, they used to do a much better job mixing things up tempo-wise in the early stages of their career. This is not to say that Amon Amarth’s later work isn’t quite amazing as well, but it seems to me that by sticking to what they apparently perceive to be their greatest strength, which is writing slower, anthemic songs geared more toward accessibility than diversity, they have creatively handcuffed themselves to a certain degree.