ACCUSER - Accuser LP (Black Vinyl)

ACCUSER - Accuser LP (Black Vinyl)

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Standard black vinyl LP
Includes poster and download code

From start to finish, this album speaks to a band that has been revitalized both by the return of one of the better guitar players to shred the fret board in Germany, and perhaps to an equal degree by the challenges posed by the ongoing circumstances of the current year. It’s the best thing they’ve done since the departure of Schutz following the 2010 release of Agitation, and is among the best things done by this band since the close of the 1980s. It leans a tad bit closer to their vintage sound from the aforementioned period relative to what was put out during and following the 1990s, but it is still presented as a modernized thrashing beast comparable to what most of the big names of yesteryear have been putting out of late. There is no shortage of blinding rage and flags of discontent being flown, and the right balance between memorable hooks and instrumental gymnastics is struck to appeal equally to tech thrash junkies as well as mainline fans of the style. For a fold that has been accusing the system for so long, there is definitely a satisfaction that their convictions have resulted in yet another positive verdict.