Abruptum - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebraum LP (Black vinyl)


Pressed on 140g black vinyl. Housed in a 350gsm jacket with matte lamination, gold-flooded interior and gold ink printing. Includes an A2 poster and a double-sided insert, both printed with gold ink.

"This Evil piece of work was recorded in May 1993 at Abruptum Studios."

Hailing from Sweden, Abruptum is not unknown to anybody who enjoys good audio-terror/noise recordings. I've sat here a couple of hours and thought of a proper way to review something like this, but it is pretty hard. Let's take it step by step, shal we?

In this particular recording Abruptum consists of IT (Tony Särkkä) and Evil (Morgan Håkansson, also in Marduk) creating a soundtrack of your nightmares. “Listening to them can be described as lying in bed with 43 degrees fever while having someone slashing your wrists.” This is how Regain Records describe Abruptum’s pieces. I can say that this is exactly the way Regain describes it. This piece is also very different from Abruptum’s demos which have some sort of linear structure with some sort of death-ish riffs and deep growls. This recording has pretty much no regular riffs or a rhythm throughout. It is just 60 minutes of pure audio torture. It’s been said that the members were torturing themselves while recording their pieces and that I think that can be true, the screams are no regular growls which Abruptum overwhelmed us with in their demos and early recordings. These are pure screams that reflect anguish and pain. I think there is no point in debating the lyrics since I think there aren’t any. Instead, Abruptum’s creative minds have brought forth a recording that contains more than guitars, bas, drums and vocals. We can also hear violin, synthesizers and other special effects, but the instruments are somehow sublime, the drums and the vocals dominate the recording, in my opinion. The drums are slow most of the parts here, but that is no disadvantage whatsoever. Another factor that dominates this recording is the echo that gives a feeling that this recording takes place in a dungeon.

The feeling in this recording is enormous. This is no recording meant for the feeble hearted or people who do not appreciate art in general. I consider Abruptum as art, although the geniuses behind it may seem as madmen. This recording is one of those that go down in history as a masterpiece. But that is just my opinion. Listen to it and let your nightmares loose.