A.R.G. - Entrance LP (Ultra Clear vinyl)


Comes on standard gram with insert in a high quality sleeve.

This edition on ultra clear vinyl is limited to 100 copies and a Hammerheart mail order exclusive.

A.R.G.’s brand of Thrash is aggressive and violent !

“Entrance” is an almost forgotten jewel of the Finnish scene from the late 80s. It’s from the darkest end of the spectrum, and a damn fine piece of Thrash with a few emerging Death Metal stylings.
A.R.G., nowadays know as the backronym for Ancient Rotten Graveguards, but originally standing for Aku Raaska Group, was one of the bands in the first wave of Finnish Thrash Metal in the latter half of the 80s.

A.R.G.’s brand of thrash is quite aggressive and violent.

In the greater view of the fields of thrash, their output is definitely more in the German vein of things than in the US styled Bay Area way of doing things or the New York thrash scene.
The music is angry, almost approaching death metal in its grumpy attitude, and as far from melodic as thrash ever got.

Their releases were not for fans of easy-listening brands of Thrash, and has some qualities almost approaching the South American gritty and dirty styles in it.
It was on par with the most aggressive German bands of the time, but with an original take on things.

Nothing really sounded like A.R.G. for a long time, and they certainly left their imprint on the minds of a generation of thrash fans in Finland.
Every time classic Death/Thrash is mentioned this band seems to get overlooked, which is unfortunate since both of their albums are highly
inspired, vicious riff assaults.

Their first album, simply called “Entrance”, showcases a brand of Thrash Metal at its most frenetic.

The album is filled to the brim with neck snapping riffs, jackhammer drumming, and seriously pissed off vocals, which is essentially what a good Death/Thrash album needs.
Stylistically speaking, the album wears both of its thrash and prevailing Death Metal influences proudly.

One can easily recommend this to anyone of the old-school Thrash/Death mentality.
Needed in any Metal collections that also houses: Protector, Kreator, Dead Head, Stone, Sadus, Sepultura