CONVULSE - World Without God (Extended Edition) CD
CONVULSE - World Without God (Extended Edition) CD

CONVULSE - World Without God (Extended Edition) CD

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Standard jewelcase, clear tray, 20-page booklet

World Without God (1991)
Recorded and mixed at MSL-Studios in July '91

Resuscitation Of Evilness (1990)
Recorded and mixed at MSL-Studios on November 21st-23rd 1990

Sticker on the plastic wrapping says:
Deluxe band-approved remastered edition with the classic album and demo tracks.

This is without a doubt, one of the most brutal scandinavian releases of the early 90s scene... The sound on this record is eerie and very dark, with the trademark dirty finnish guitar sound typical of the time. Think Demigod on Steroids... thats a pretty good comparison of what youre in for with this LP!! The brutality level on here is enough to give old GRAVE a run for its money, with deep, powerful vocals (with just a hint of reverb to keep with the eerie sound...) crushing guitars and pounding non-triggered drums... Of course there is a bit of evil scandinavian melody thrown in here and there for good mix as one would expect, but overall this record is a lesson in barbarity and utter depravity! The fact that this album is/was only available on vinyl LP format only contributes to the sick raw sound of this recording.... Everything about this record just reeks of evilness... from the awesome cover artwork, to the music, to the only-available-on-LP "cult" status its achieved, this is simply another must-own album from the great THRASH RECORDS catalog (R.I.P) that every self-respecting scan-DM maniac should have in their collection!