CONAN - Monnos LP (Black Vinyl)

CONAN - Monnos LP (Black Vinyl)

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Tone. That is what hits you first when listening to this album. Or bludgeons I should say. The band have picked a suitable name for their type of extremely heavy doom; this is metal for battles and bloodshed, but thankfully there are no orchestrations, choirs or accordions to be heard here. Just some of the thickest, most massive-sounding and just plain beautiful guitar and bass tones I’ve heard for aeons. This is what doom should sound like!

Maybe it’s stoner, maybe it’s trad, maybe it’s even epic. It doesn’t matter. It’s all doom and that’s what counts. There’s mournful, ponderous passages that remind you of the aftermath of a battle or the view from a recently scaled mountain. Then there’s doom thunder raining down on you like the gods themselves have singles you out for total destruction. There’s insanely heavy, dominating riffs built to last for the ages. And there’s a song called ‘Golden Axe.’ What more do you need?

The vocals are of the clean variety, coming across almost like a chant or a yell. Again this suits the battle-like ritual atmosphere of the album; doom is coming: get out of the way or be engulfed. Lyrically we’re very much in this area too: references to swords and battles, death and destruction, gates and thrones. Maybe some would like something more original, but personally this exactly where I want a doom band to be. There’s a lot to be said for a band that accepts and understands their genre fully and who throws themselves into it wholeheartedly. The simplicity here breeds a power, directness and full-bloodedness not often heard, and Monnos is a great listen. Conan are ones to watch – they pursue their doom with a lot of character, individuality and passion.

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