Complete Failure - Heal No Evil -CD


Originally self-released in limited quantity in 2009, this second Complete Failure record found itself picked up by Relapse for a Fall 2010 re-release. Entirely self-recorded, Heal No Evil was a conscious effort by the band to distance themselves from former producer Steve Austin and his Supernova Records label—Austin’s muffled work on the band’s first record Perversions Of Guilt met mostly negative reviews (Perversions is a good record, just not a good-sounding one), and the band severed ties with Austin’s label in acrimonious fashion. Taking inspiration from their troubles, Complete Failure is righteously pissed now, more so even than before, and t - See more at: http://yourlastrites.com/reviews/5868/complete-failure-heal-no-evil#sthash.Mx9b6S6u.dpuf