Collision - The Final Kill MCD


Limited to 500 copies.

A fast, frantic and aggressive crossover between Grindcore and Thrash Metal!

The Dutch Grind and Thrash maniacs from Collision present to you their final mini album: “The Final Kill”! In over 20 years in existence, Collision were well-known for aggression expressed in violent screams and controlled chaos in the rhythms and riffs! Fast, frantic and short songs that pummel and punish are repeatedly battered out into your ears at an unrelenting rate of knots, caring little for your sanity as they rip your senses a new one! Possibly more intense and guaranteed to mosh up any metal, grindcore, and hardcore-punk crowd Collision now step up and kick your ass!

Surprisingly catchy for such a high octane and ballistic album, Collision bounce from one head banging hair twirling moment to the next with a sense of pure destruction at the core of every song! If you want a band to cause maximum damage whilst battering it’s way though seven adrenaline fueled vitriolic time bombs, Collision has the answer!

The artwork is again done by Luis Sendon (Obscene Extreme, Macabre, Brutal Truth, Paul Di’Anno, Nashgul)
Recorded by Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio (Cirith Gorgor, Pentacle, Dead Head)
The LP version will include a S.O.D. cover as bonustrack

For fans of: Napalm Death, Repulsion, S.O.D., Wehrmacht, Municipal Waste, Slayer