Coffins - The Fleshland 2-LP (Purple/Pink Splatter vinyl)


The rotten, maggot-filled style of sickening death metal shown throughout "The Fleshland" strongly contradicts the squeaky-clean production values and digestible songwriting of groups like Amon Amarth or Kataklysm. Coffins, hailing from Japan, focuses on the doom-laden crunchiness of Autopsy and Asphyx, consequently leading the group's fourth full-length release to sound like the most undercooked piece of meat that the slaughterhouse has to offer. Although "The Fleshland" will probably repel many metal fans unfamiliar with the sloppy clattering of Autopsy or the ultra-primitive beatings akin to bands like Celtic Frost or Necrophagia, casual listeners who cherish truly vile and deplorable musical conditions will see "The Fleshland" for what it is: horrific and evil death metal. It's got blood, and it's got gore; I love these things, and Coffins gives me more!