Coffins - Buried Death -CD


First word that comes to my mind after hearing this is "heavy". Holy shit, this band is heavy. Punishing, even. Imagine being between two walls that are about to close in on you when you have Bono going on at you about AIDS and Africa. It's a schizophrenic album that just keeps going and going 'til one just can't take anymore. That's what I love about this album, the dominance it has over the listener, you know you're in trouble but you just can't stop listening.

Coffins are considered doom metal, I don't really know why this is the case. I consider them sludge with brutal death metal vocals. Maybe they are considered doom metal because of the atmosphere they create? if that's the reason, I'm 100 percent with it. I understand the band is influenced by the death metal scene, bands like Funerus and Taste (Jpn) and the sludge/stoner/doom metal scene, bands like Orange Goblin and Saint Vitus. What Coffins manage to do is blend both of their influences together and create a record that sounds both brutal and original.

Uchino's vocals are very low and stay this way throughout the album. He has certain flair in his low vocals, I don't know what it is but it demands attention. Koreeda, the bass player, adds the occasional scream vocals that seem like they are used as another instrument rather than another vocal range. This makes the band more interesting as it adds to the atmosphere. The guitar tone of Uchino is thick, he doesn't try to be technical or anything like that, just delivers strong and heavy riffs.

I recommend checking out this album if you're into death metal, doom metal or anything heavy.