Coffins - Ancient Torture 2-CD


Since their formation, Coffins have released approximately seven thousand splits, E.P.’s, demos et cetera. And while their three full-lengths are relatively easy to get hold of, the staggering volume of other material can be quite intimidating for those new to the band. When looking down on their discography in 2010 one could easily think: “now here’s a band who could do with a compilation to have all those tracks collected in one place.”
“Ancient Torture” is a 2-disc collection of tracks taken from the band’s non-full length discography, and serves both as a great introduction for newcomers and a handy way of accessing the rarer material for those of us who can’t afford (or can’t be bothered) to hunt around on eBay.
It makes no sense to go in to much detail about the music, as there are plenty of other reviews on the site and Coffins have never undergone any dramatic changes.
This is old school Death Metal, mixing mid paced chugging with near-drone paced doom moments, nodding to the classic works of Autopsy, Celtic Frost and Obituary among others.