Cobra ‎– To Hell - Digipak -CD


Musical reviews based on numerical criteria are always hard to write. A critique, by itself, is highly subjective and assigning a number to rate the effort, emotion and creativity of any group of musicians is a misleading task at best. In that sense, I prefer to say this particular record is among the best things I’ve heard in the NWOBHM, Heavy Metal in general and NWOBHM-inspired bands.

To begin with, the sound, wild, melodic and well arranged and composed, shows the influence of NWOBHM as a whole among the bands’ musicians and incorporates the energetic and trampling style of bands such as Diamond Head, Satan, Blitzkrieg, Deep Purple and especially Judas Priest. Other bands have also left their print to a lesser degree, so to speak, throughout this marvelous piece of musicianship like Saxon, Battleaxe, Manowar and even Riot. Yet one can also feel the influence of the wonderful 8-bit music from classic games such as Rockman and Biker Mice from Mars.

Having said this, to state that Iron Maiden is the only, or the most significant influence, shows the reviewer in question lacks a deeper knowledge of heavy metal and music in general. Moreover if the review inevitably includes a numeral ranking, to simply compare a band with only a handful others is misleading. Just like a researcher has to read many books in order to grasp a more global and detailed point of view of the subject of its interest, in order to write musical reviews one is compelled to listen and explore many bands, so as to make its critique as objective and all-encompassing as possible.

As I have already said, the number of influences Cobra shows demonstrates the musicians in questions have created an original style based on the best the aforementioned (and others) bands have to offer. What stands out in this album is the originality, honesty, dedication and taste for true old school heavy metal (half way between rock and heavy) all of the band members show in the recording.