Claws - Absorbed In The Nethervoid CD


Claws is the straight old-school Swedeath worship project of one Lasse Pyykkö of Hooded Menace. Try as he might to emulate the old Stockholm masters, this album serves as a prime example of an artist being wholly unable to completely divorce himself from his artistic upbringing and particular creative leanings. Specifically, the melodic tendencies on Absorbed in the Nethervoid have an undeniably Finnish flavor to them that dates them – they're clearly riffs built with the benefit of hindsight. Second, Lasse's more doomish leanings make this thing creep and crawl along more menacingly than Entombed or Dismember ever would have. These aren't faults, really, but strengths, helping this album elevate itself beyond mere rehash and nearer to the upper echelons of the retro-Swedeath movement that was so popular a few years ago.