Cirith Gorgor - Bi Den Dode Hant MLP (Oxblood vinyl)


Side B with logo etched!

300 copies limited, high quality design!

Known as veterans of the Dutch underground black metal scene, CIRITH GORGOR has returned with a new album. Their early demos were released on French label Osmose Productions. In the spring of 2015, Hammerheart Records released songs from the “Visions of Exalted Lucifer” sessions, and released further tracks from those sessions in 2016.

The band wastes no time getting things moving with opening track “Proclamation of Destruction”, which begins with shouts and swirling riffs. Levithmong gives a great performance on drums here, with some interesting tom fills. There’s quite a lot going on, yet the song doesn’t feel overcrowded. Satanael’s rasps are “harmonized” with guttural growls later in the track, which works well. Marchosias and Valefor bring in some bubbling riffs in the slower part, which makes for an interesting contrast with the whirlwind intro of the song.

“The Luciferian Principle” opens with a victorious shout, setting the scene for this powerful number. Waldtyr’s bass has a rich tone, and rounds out the low end nicely. There were more vocal harmonies, which add an extra layer of texture. There’s some more interesting drum work from Levithmong. Things end on a quiet note, with acoustic guitars in the coda.

A sinister spoken word part opens “Bi den Dode Hant”. Catchy riffs combine with snares in a marching rhythm to create a sense of anticipation. Satanael gives a particularly compelling performance on this track, and reminded me of MARDUK frontman Mortuus circa “Serpent Sermon”. This is a headbanger of a track which also reveals musical subtleties upon repeated listens.