Cianide ‎– Death, Doom And Destruction - Gold and Silver Vinyl 2-LP


Cianide is one of those rare bands that doesn't seem to ever do anything wrong. They never write the same album twice, yet somehow they don't stray too far from their roots. Of course, when those roots could be described as "a more Death Metal version of Hellhammer", well, how can you go wrong?

This album is right up there with The Dying Truth for me in terms of how great it is. I personally think it's easily better than 'A Descent Into Hell' because the song writing just seems much more focused this time around. There are some amazing doom/death songs on here!

'Envy and Hatred' might be the best Cianide track ever written. It is beyond the realm of HEAVY and it's also very memorable. I find myself replaying this track again after the CD ends.